Xmas Letter 1989

Christmas '89

Dear Friends,

Hi again. Yes, here we are at the end of another year and yes, we do have another baby and yes, it is another lovely girl, Tabitha Marie Goossen. She was fresh out of the chute on September 3rd. So it looks like our family is complete (for now). We are enjoying her and the others a lot. For those of you who need a score card there is Rachel (almost grown), Bethany (almost behaved), Hannah (almost trained) and Tabitha (still new). Things are certainly not tame around here. Other than another newcomer, we did move in March as announced last year and the yard space has been good for the kids. School is still on for me, but I am halfway through (Joan is too for that matter but I won't say anything about that). We landed in Oliver for the summer again. The kids have been doing the usual things -fighting, biting, drawing, clawing, swimming, gyming, singing, clinging, reading, pleading, whining, dining, sleeping, creeping, eating, bleating and last but not least walking, talking. I am definitely reading too many kids books. Its time Dr. Suess took his cat and went home. Why aren't there kid's theology books. Then again maybe those are. Work is reasonable for me. Needless to say Joan is keeping quite busy, (the understatement of her life). Well I am running dry here - - - what about that Berlin Wall, and a new government in Poland and those incredible Canucks - oops, I guess I got carried away with good news. Now back to the present reality. Joan and I have taken up new hobbies. Joan is collecting books - in the kitchen, in the living room, in the basement. I have taken up watching TV - it's amazing what is on at 2 in the morning and have you noticed that Captain Kangaroo looks older but his moose hasn't changed a bit. Joan and I are also jointly studying philosophy, trying to answer questions such as - How much playdough can one child eat? When is a whine not a whine? and Why is time gained by getting up early always spent looking for shoes and putting on jackets? All I can say is we are certainly a year older and might be a day wiser.

Here's hoping that you all have a wonderful, peaceful and reflective Christmas.

The Goossen's

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